Unique Baby Clothing Items To Make Life Easier

Unique Baby Clothing Items to Make Life

Having the right clothing items for your baby can make all the difference.  While traditional onesies are great, these items are sure to make life a bit more convenient and save you some time dressing and undressing your baby so you can spend more time soaking in those newborn snuggles.

Pajama Converter Gown

Putting squishy newborns into sleepers can sometimes be a little tough, plus having to pull their legs in and out for diaper changes is extra work.  I’ve been a huge fan of the sleep gowns for a while since you can easily change diapers without having to undress them, but I recently became aware of a converter gown.  You get two clothing items in one as it can be a sleeper gown or you can button up the legs into a pants outfit.  So cool!

Magnetic Clothing

While most baby clothing comes with buttons and zippers, did you know there are baby clothes made with magnets?  My sister had received one of these items as a baby gift and it’s pure genius.  You simply put the clothing on your baby and the magnets seamlessly connect.  Such an easy option for those newborn days when you’ll be needing to change countless diapers. Checkout the Smart Close by Magnificent Baby brand for different outfit options.

Velcro Swaddle Wraps

Swaddling babies help them feel more secure and sleep like angels. While the standard swaddle blankets (like the one you’ll get in the hospital) will work decently well,  babies are able to easily wiggle their hands out which can wake them.  The SwaddleMe wraps or the Ollie World Swaddle have velcro so you can easily secure the swaddle and make the perfect baby burrito.  For long naps and overnight sleeping, these are true lifesavers!

Ergobaby Swaddle

Another great velcro swaddle option is the Ergobaby swaddle.  It has little pockets where you can put baby’s arms before you wrap it around so they can’t escape as easily, PLUS, there is a leg pocket that comes over baby’s legs so you can still have access to check or change their diaper without needing to unsaddle their arms.  A great option for middle of the night diaper changes when you don’t want to completely wake them up.

Footed Pants

In the early newborn days, putting socks on wiggly babies is just one more step and they can easily fall off since their feet are so tiny.  My favorite trick is to use footed pants since in one step, you cover their legs and feet. You can often find these in clothing sets or you can buy them individually on Amazon or from Babies R Us.

Robeez Baby Socks

Socks and babies do not seem to go well together since they seem to always fall off.  If you’re looking for baby socks that will actually stay on, try the Robeez brand.  They have an elastic band around the angle that helps keep them on better than traditional baby socks.  I used these with both of my babies and while they may have slid off a tiny bit with kicking and movement, they never fell off. 

Zutano Newborn Fleece Booties

For those early newborn days when babies feet are just so tiny, these fleece booties work great at keeping their feet warm and stay on super well.  My sister has these for her tiny 6.5 pound baby and with the ankle button, it hugged my nephew’s feet perfectly and looked absolutely adorable!

Is there an item of baby clothing you loved using for your baby? Comment below and let me know!

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