Stress Free Ways to Get Your Child Ready For Preschool

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Sending your little tyke off to preschool for the first time can be an emotional and tough experience for both parents and child. We are gearing up to send our 4 year old son off to preschool next week and thankfully, he is really excited and ready to go learn!

Getting your child ready and mentally prepared for school ahead of time is key to making sure everything goes smoothly, with the least amount of stress as possible.

Here are some tips and ideas that we used last year and again this year as we get him ready for preschool.

Read Lots of Books

Reading is one of the best ways to prepare for school.  Getting your child excited about reading and learning will help make the transition to school so much easier.  Studies show there is a direct correlation with a child’s learning ability and how much time they read in the home.  Read a book while eating breakfast, before turning on the tv, and at night before bed.  If you’re looking for a fun way to get new books to read monthly, checkout Bookroo.

Talk About Preschool & How Fun It Will Be

My son loves hearing all about preschool and what he’s going to learn.  We’ve been practicing his alphabet and counting and discuss how he’s going to learn even more at school.  Talking your child through what’s going to happen on school days, who’s going to take them and pick them up, can all help ease their concerns and anxiety about being away from home.

Create a Morning Routine 

If you don’t currently have one, create a morning routine that your child can begin to predict. Waking at the same time, getting ready and eating a good breakfast are great habits to get into before they head off to school.

Avoid Stressful Clothes Shopping With FabKids

One of my biggest stress-free back to school tips is to avoid the chaos of school clothes shopping and use FabKids.  They have such unique and adorable outfits and have so many great styles for back to school.  Being pregnant with my 3rd baby and taking my 4 & 2 year olds shopping is not my idea of fun, so I was so glad when I discovered FabKids! You can either place a one time order or sign up for their VIP program where you’ll get to pick out a perfectly curated outfit each month (mom win!).

Electric Guitar Tee, Denim Jean in Medium Wash, & Velcro 3 Strap Hi-Top

While my 2 year old is not heading off to school just yet, she was able to get in on the fun and get a new back to school/ fall outfit too!  And she just had to wear her favorite backpack too!

Hi-Low Boho Tank Dress & Brown Cowgirl Boots


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