Creative Ways To Encourage Toddler Behavior Change

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While the baby phase can be tough with sleepless nights, around the clock feeding and constant diaper changes, toddler and preschool aged kids can be even more difficult at times.  As much as I’ve loved watching my 4 year old son grow up, communicate better, and have a mind of his own, it can also be difficult at times.  I’ve come up with a few creative ways (and an innovative product) to encourage him to make positive behavior changes, and hopefully they can work for you and your kiddo tool

Give Positive Feedback

Anytime you see your child doing what you’ve asked or they follow instructions the first time, make a huge deal about it and tell them how proud you are of them.  I love giving high fives, hugs, and making them feel really special when they do what they’re asked to do.

Find your child’s ‘incentive’ language

Every child responds differently to incentives.  Finding what helps encourage your child is huge.  Try using stickers, special treats, toys or games they don’t usually get to play with and see what your child responds to.  My son loves dum dum lolipops and though I don’t want to bribe with sugar all the time, the occasional lollipop when he more than deserves it is okay.  My son also loves earning money for things he does and at 4 years old, we feel he is old enough to understand the value of earning a dollar.  He loves to buy hot wheel cars so now, he must earn a dollar for a car instead of just being given it.  Using this incentive has really helped his behavior..

Get a Kudo Banz

If you want a super easy way to help incentivize and encougae your child for good behavior, get a Kudo Banz!. This innovative product is like a sticker chart for your child, but stays on their wrist.  My son has LOVED using his daily and it helps encourage him to make good choices, get rewarded for them each time, and then ultimately be able to get a bigger reward.

Here’s how it works:

First, read the adorable included book to your child to get them excited about using their Kudo Banz.  Then let your child choose either the blue or red wrist band.  It has three slots on it for ‘kudos’ (fun charms) to be put once they are earned.  When your child does something that you deem worthy of a reward (brush teeth, eat a good meal, clean up toys, help a sibling, etc), they get to choose a ‘kudo’ to put on their wrist band.  

Once they get to the 3rd kudo, they get to choose a special kudo character that you can then scan using the Kudo Banz free app.  My son loves seeing the adorable character come to life on my phone and he even says “hello!” to it.

Your child can then spin the virtual wheel in the app to see what their reward is.  What I love most about the reward wheel is that it is totally customizable.  My son loves doing ‘treasure hunts’ in the house where he gets to find hidden toys, so for him I added in this as a reward.  Other rewards could be extra outside play time, reading an extra book at bedtime, or whatever else you feel your child responds well to.

If you’re looking for a new way to positively encourage behavior change in your kiddo, I highly recommend checking out the Kudo Banz.  My son’s behavior has been so much better since we started using this amazing product! The other night he even volunteered to pick up all of his toys so he could earn another kudo (oh yeah!). 

They are currently having a back to school promotion where you can a free kudo collection with the purchase of a starter kit!

Hope these tips help and remember, consistency is key. Good luck and make it fun!

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